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your approach to fitness!

  • Improve your game

  • Improve your brain

  • Improve your flexibility & mobility

  • Reduce your risk of injury

Change your life!

Change your body!

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At Charlie's Fitness Studio we offer Personal Training sessions and StrikeFit classes with a focus on functional movement

  • Enhances sports performance

  • Increases strength, mobility

  • Improves neurological function

  • Increases cardio fitness 

  • ​Strengthens joints

Proper functional movement is foundational for improvement in your work, activities, and favorite sports--golf to tennis, lacrosse to surfing, and well, to pretty much everything you do in life.

We first assess the patterns of movement you have developed over time in everyday activities.

We help you identify which patterns are dysfunctional and no longer of benefit in your life.

We teach you how proper movement can greatly improve your daily functioning.

We use Strikefit classes and Personal Training sessions to reprogram your movements and increase your strength and neurological processes.


What's Mark Twain got to do with it?

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

The secret of getting started is breaking your complex

overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks 

and then starting on the first one."

Meet Charlie Clendening & Team

Charlie and Susan Clendening, life-long fitness enthusiasts and trainers, established Charlie's Fitness Studio in 2009. We offer personalized one-on-one or group instruction in a private fitness studio setting.

We specialize in functional movement for rehabilitation and injury prevention, joint strengthening for increased mobility, and adult fitness. Click on the links below for our qualifications and to schedule your fitness appointment.

Charlie Clendening
Susan Clendening
Kere Minton
Greg Budde
Valerie MacMillan
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