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Personal Training and StrikeFit--

Two ways to acheive your fitness goals 

  • Improve neurological function

  • Increase strength and flexibility for optimal mobility

  • Enhance sports performance

  • Increase cardio fitness 

  • ​Strengthen joints

Personal Training sessions with a focus on one-on-one attention

  • Small groups

  • Individual

  • Tailored to meet your fitness goals

  • ​Private and without outside distractions

PERSONAL TRAINING SESSION - fees vary, please contact us
Contact Charlie Clendening at 772-696-0428, Greg Budde at 772-559-4341, or Valerie MacMillan at 772-713-4880
Reservations required; sessions are payable in advance 

StrikeFit classes with a focus on functional movement

Proper functional movement is key to improvement in sports including tennis, golf, lacrosse, climbing, surfing... you get the idea!
Learn six functional movements with high intensity/constantly varied exercises to develop strength, cardio, and neurological functions—three systems that must be worked in order to see and experience change.
Create workout routines specific to your fitness goals with your trainer. 
4 STRIKEFIT CLASSES - $60 (1x/week for one month)
8 STRIKEFIT CLASSES - $110 (2x/week for one month)
12 STRIKEFIT CLASSES - $160 (3x/week for one month)
16 STRIKEFIT CLASSES - $200 (4x/week for one month)
Contact Valerie MacMillan at 772-713-4880 or Kere Minton at 772-538-1524
Reservations required; classes are payable in advance, prices are subject to change
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